Crush Metals


CRUSH METALS – An International Trading Corporation

Worldwide Scrap Metal Brokerage & Trading

CRUSH METALS is a leader in scrap metal brokerage and worldwide sales of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are a prime mover, initiating innovation and creative solutions, to an old, but bullish industry.

Our purpose is to build trust with our business partners. This also means purchasing quality recycled products that obtain the highest standards of excellence within the scrap metal industry.

We invite our industrial partners and public customers to join us and become part of the CRUSH METALS team. 
The best source for non-ferrous and ferrous products.

Join The Revolution, Recycle All Metals.

At Crush Metals our purpose is to provide the best brokerage & trading services to our scrap metal recyling partners and clients.

Crush Metals purchases all types of metals (ferrous and non-ferrous) across the United States. We buy from the best metal recyclers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including HMS 1 & 2, Steel Shred, machine steel, aluminum, plating equipment, carbide, copper, brass, insulated copper, and wire.

Pride, Passion and the Pursuit of Metals


We have a long history of relationships with scrap vendors.  We share strong relationships with furnaces, mils, smelters and foundries, supplying these important partners with the highest quality scrap metal within the industry.   

We expect our partners to implement the best and most current techniques for separating and processing scrap metal so that our products have consistent quality.

At CRUSH METALS all our customers can expect competitive rates for recyclable metals.  We are committed to reliable and professional service.