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Dare to challenge convention and we do.

At we believe the free market and consumers lead us and fuel social change. Our mission is to promote the legalization of medical marijuana across the globe through social dialogue by people just like you.

Passionate About Cannabis

Weedable is for the innovators; the prime movers; the ones that rattle the cage. There is a new movement coming. Marijuana is getting social. Like you, we hear it coming. It is saying goodbye to yesterday’s world and hello to the future. Our focus is to provide an unfettered, free speech atmosphere for people to communicate about quality, pricing, and the natural resource that we are so passionate about—medical marijuana.

We wonder what the future will hold for the medical marijuana industry. The people that made this happen never gave up; they persisted; they insisted; they advocated; they believed in true cultural change. We walk side by side with them and you.

Seeds of Change

Weedable is about seeding the path for change. We look forward to bright days and seek the favor of each other so this movement turns into a social environment where all are free to discuss, debate, and network about everything medical marijuana. The destiny of this movement resides with you as each of us advocate for natural alternatives to standardized medical treatment.

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In the end we believe in Expression, Creativity…Innovation. The freedom to do and communicate all the things that we choose to do in this life. Weedable was built from the ground up. We are just getting started….Join us!

World’s fastest growing social network of Medical Marijuana Users and Dispensaries.

Join Our Hyper Community

We created a unique hyper-community where social networking intersects with e-commerce. A hypercommunity is a unique creation of the weedable brand. Our hypercommunity will prove to be of great interest as both an agent for cultural change but also from a financial standpoint for immediate recognized revenues generate by weedablestore and weedable social network. Our community allows users to assemble details about medical marijuana strains and products and at the same time locate vendors/merchants that sell products in a particular category. The weedable brand is an intelligent repository for the conversation of a community that is dedicated and focused on the best strains to treat illnesses. We will have a large impact the web because we have bridged e-commerce with social networking.

Where is a social network focused on sharing medical marijuana content and information, is an e-commerce site devoted to global online expansion of medical marijuana products and goods.