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Mr. Sirianni is dedicated to appeals. His law firm concentrates only on appeals.  Robert Sirianni believes in pride, passion, and winning the argument on appeal.

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The civil appeal process involves complex and strict procedures that have to be followed for an appeal to be admissible. If you are thinking of initiating a civil appeal then you have no option but to ensure that your attorneys know how to go about the whole process. Contact Brownstone Law Firm for your civil appeal.

At Brownstone, we combine years of experience and dedication to ensure that we present a strong appeal for our clients.

At Brownstone we offer you an opportunity to have your case handled by some of this country’s most experienced appellate litigators. Our appellate lawyers focus on appeal cases. We devote all of our time and energy on appeal cases. Connect with our appellate lawyers today.

For a number of years now, we have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in criminal appeal cases. Our criminal appeals lawyers have handled thousands of appeal cases. You can trust us to handle all your criminal appeals and also expect us to focus on serving our clients during the appeal process. Contact our federal criminal appeal lawyers today.